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Marlow, Oklahoma is located in Stephens County. The town listed at approximately 4,400 residents (2020) is 30 miles east of Lawton and 70 miles south-southwest of Oklahoma City.

Marlow, originally named Marlow Grove by the railroad, got its name for one of its prominent, original residents, Dr. Williamson Marlow, who settled here in 1880 from Missouri, with is wife Martha Jane and their boys George, Charley, Alfred, Boone and Llewellyn, known as Epp.

Those five boys, known as the Marlow brothers, are depicted in the John Wayne film, The Sons of Katie Elder (1965).

Today, Marlow is a thriving community that has quick access to many amenities, while offering the quiet, comforting spoils of a small town. Marlow promotes its quality of life through top-ranked schools, unique shopping and dining options, and proximity to larger communities.
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