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Outages - (580) 658-5401 or (580) 658-2121 (after hours and weekends)

Five-time winners of the Don Howland Electric Operations and Safety Award: 2019, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2008
1st place winner in safety awarded by the American Public Power Association: 2022, 2020, 2019
2nd place winner in safety awarded by the American Public Power Association: 2021
1st place winner in reliability awarded by the American Public Power Association: 2020
Top 25-percentile in Reliability among Public Power utilities across USA by the American Public Power Association: 2022
Recipient of the Burgett Award for Reliability by the Municipal Electric System of Oklahoma: 2020, 2021
Recipient of the Clarence Fulkerson Electric System Achievement Award by the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma

Recipient of the Tom Rider Professional Development Award by the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma

Marlow is a Public Power Community!

The City of Marlow is a Public Power Community which provides benefits to its citizens through a number of ways.

Local Control - The City of Marlow controls costs for its citizens.

Reinvestment - Funds from The City of Marlow are reinvested both into system maintenance and improvement, but also quality of life such as parks, fire and police protection and other city services.

Reliability and Accessibility - Local crews that live right here can respond when the power is compromised. Local crews also work to maintain the system to prevent power disruptions as evidenced by the reliability recognition the City of Marlow receives.

Community Service - Employees of the City of Marlow live, work and play here. They also give of their time to help all of Marlow succeed. Marlow Electric is the power behind the city, not only providing the city with the necessary energy, but also providing the financial stability to support city services such as public safety and infrastructure.

Marlow Electric is a municipally-owned utility, which means it brings reliable and cost-efficient energy to the City of Marlow. Being a Public Power Community means local response by local crews. That means better reliability at a low cost.

Plus, through the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, Marlow Electric and the City of Marlow offers rebate programs for energy efficiency. Call City Hall to find out more. (580) 658-5401. Restrictions may apply.

From the largest commercial manufacturer to the smallest residence, Marlow Electric is always ready to serve its community!

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