City Council

The Council of the City of Marlow shall consist of one (1) council member from each ward of the city and one (1) mayor at large, each serving 3-year terms. The members meet monthly on the the fourth Tuesday, governing the policies of the city. The ward boundaries are 4th Street and Main Street.

Mayor – Jeff Prater (through 2027): At Large
Ward I – Greg Brooks (though 2026): Northeast quadrant 

Ward II – Neal Moore (through 2026): Northwest quadrant
Ward III –Jon Rich (through 2027): Southwest quadrant (Vice Mayor)
Ward IV – Nuell Brown (through 2025) : Southeast quadrant

According to the City of Marlow Ordinances, the filing period for the Mayor or city council seat shall begin on the first Monday of December at eight o'clock (8:00) A.M. and shall continue for a period of three (3) days through Wednesday at five o'clock (5:00) P.M. (Ord. 384, 8-30-2005). Filing is handled by the Stephens County Election Board, located inside the County Courthouse in Duncan.

Only qualified electors of the city who are at least twenty five (25) years of age, who are not in litigation with the city nor in arrears for city taxes when elected, and who have been for one year next preceding the date of election, bona fide residents and property tax payers of the city or territory annexed to the city, shall be qualified for the offices of mayor and council member. Council members from the wards shall also be residents of their respective wards. The ward boundaries are Main and Fourth Streets.

A primary election shall be held on the second Tuesday in February, except that, in a presidential primary year, the February primary election shall be held on the same date in February as the presidential preferential primary election (currently held on the first Tuesday of February). (Ord. 384, 8-30-2005). A general election shall be held on the first Tuesday in April. (Ord. 384, 8-30-2005).

Marlow Municipal Authority

The Marlow Municipal Authority is a seven-member board comprised of the five council members, and includes two council-appointed trustees. The MMA oversees the operation of the enterprise funds of the City of Marlow, and serves as the financial vehicle of city operations.

Trustee – Tandy Banks
Trustee – Tom Wheat

Library Board

The Library Board was created through the City Charter, and is a five-member board appointed by the City Council to oversee the operation of the Garland Smith Public Library.
Garland Smith Public Library

The five members are listed below:

  • open seat

  • Press Mahaffey

  • Pam Ferguson

  • Lou Ann Callaway

  • Tom Wheat

Planning And Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a five-member panel that is council-appointed. The commission reviews zoning and variance requests, and provides recommendations to the City Council.
Meetings are scheduled as needed on the third Tuesday of each month.

  • Doyle Crownover

  • Harbour Whitaker (chair)

  • Mark Richardson (vice chair)

  • Kyle Jones

  • Landon Collins