Code Enforcement

Call 580-658-5401 for code enforcement reports.

Code Enforcement is an important part of keeping the outward beauty of Marlow intact. Of course, the best code enforcement is the care of each property owner. Unfortunately, some properties are better cared for than others.

Key things to remember:

  1. By state law, grass/weeds must be 12 inches in height before the city can enforce codes of ordinances.
  2. State law prevents the regulation of “ugly.” The upkeep of paint, roof, and some landscaping is not allowed by state law.
  3. A property owner has 10 days, by state law, to take care of the code violation of high grass or trash.
  4. The average cost for the city to take care of a code violation through abatement is $450. So, it is better for the property owner to take care of any issues.

If you have a property that needs attention in your neighborhood, you are urged to call City Hall. Code Enforcement officer Rob Mackey keeps complaints anonymous and is happy to update any progress.