City Clerk

City Clerk - Amber Smart
(580) 658-5401

According to the State Statutes of Oklahoma:

The city clerk shall be an officer of the city, appointed by the city manager for an indefinite term. The city clerk shall serve as clerk for the council. Subject to regulations the council may prescribe, the city clerk shall:

  1. Keep the journal of the proceedings of the council; and
  2. Enroll all ordinances and resolutions passed by the council in a book or set of books kept for that purpose; and. Have custody of documents, records, and archives, as may be provided for by law or by ordinance, and have custody of the seal of the city; and
  3. Attest and affix the seal of the city to documents as required by law or by ordinance; and
  4. Have such other powers, duties, and functions related to his statutory duties as may be prescribed by law or by ordinance.
  5. The person who serves as city clerk may be employed by the city to perform duties not related to his position as city clerk.